A statement regarding the Syrian regime’s massacre in Hama

A fascist killing machine is working its way over our people’s bodies. It is a ruthless machine, which tramples anything in its destructive path, irrespective of age, sex or creed. On this path to oblivion it has massacred women and children, the elderly, the innocence of childhood, humanity, dignity and our country, Syria. It refuses to speak the language of reason; instead it spews bullets and mortars on anyone that dares to speak out. Yesterday, on Wednesday 6/6/2012, this brutal machine crushed the body and soul of the villages of Reef Hama; its inhabitants were forced to pay the ultimate price for daring to ask for a brighter future.


The regime has brought a cycle of death and destruction that has once again thrown our army into a battle in which all sides are losers; the largest loss being the unity of the Syrian people. Without the slightest hesitation the regime continues to deepen the chasms within our society, pitting brother against brother.

In such tragic times that befall our nation and people, we can only direct our cries once more to our soldiers, and say: “We are your brothers and sisters! Put down your weapons, for they are aimed at your family. Refuse to raise your gun, for it is pointed at yourself! Join us in retrieving this country to its rightful owners, the people. For we have always stood by you, our soldiers and brothers, when you retrieved our honour and defended our country.”

At the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria, we condemn in the strongest of words the atrocious crimes and massacres committed by the Syrian regime in Hama and the other areas of our country. We condole ourselves and express our condolences to all Syrians. Whoever dies in Syria unjustly, whatever their affiliation, we know and feel to be our martyr. Syria is for Syrians, and has a heart big enough for all Syrians.

We therefore promise to work tirelessly and use all means possible to maintain the unity of the Syrian people until we topple this fascistic regime.


Down with murder and murderers!

Eternity to our martyrs and strength to their families!

Freedom for all the prisoners of conscience!

Freedom for our people! Freedom for Syria!

Victory for our just revolution!

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